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Writing Search Engine Optimized Content

Writing Search Engine Optimized Content

A properly implemented SEO campaign is quite possibly the most effective way to get visitors to your site. SEO or search engine optimization is a comprehensive approach comprised of several strategies that, among other goals, get your website a higher ranking on the search engine results pages of Google and drive traffic to your site.

Before going into the essential SEO strategies that you should implement, it would be helpful to learn two fundamental aspects of SEO:
• SEO is a never-ending process
• SEO is dependent in large part on writing quality content
It is important to realize that SEO is not a miracle solution that will guarantee results overnight. It is actually a long and cumulative process that relies on the combined effects of various processes. There is a fair degree of trial-and-error involved, and you will constantly have to revise strategies and implement new ones as previous methods lose their relevance.
It is just as important to realize that much of your SEO work will revolve around generating quality content. There are other equally essential tasks involved to be sure, but by and large, an SEO campaign will require a fair bit of content generation.
Apart from these two fundamentals, it is also important to keep track of the search algorithms that Google routinely implements. Although Google regularly revises ranking algorithms and implements new ones, the practices outlined below have remained constant for quite a few years now and will likely remain in place in the next several years.

Keyword stuffing should be avoided

Back in the early days of SEO, most articles optimized for SEO had keyword densities in the 10% to 15% range. Nowadays, using that many keywords is likely to get you penalized by Google. With the changes in ranking criteria implemented over the years, the allowable range has dropped considerably to 1% to 2%. Keyword stuffing is one of the quickest ways to earn Google’s ire, so it stands to reason that keeping within the allowable range is one of the best ways to get in Google’s good graces.

Writing themed content is crucial

There is so much more to keyword utilization than identifying the most effective keywords and stuffing your article full of them or using them exclusively. One concept you would do well to become familiar with is “themed SEO content”. This basically means that you should use secondary and tertiary keywords in addition to the primary ones.
Search engines routinely consider such keywords when determining the ranking of a particular site, since they make it easier to rank a site according to related content. For example, merely using the word “Apple” won’t get you as many hits as you may want, since the word can mean so many things. If you include “apple recipes” or “apple pies” in your content, Google will be able to determine the scope of your content more accurately. With themed content, the search engines will have a lot more information to work with, making it easier to determine the feasibility of your site in response to a search query.

“ALT” tags are useful

The Google algorithms mainly consider text content when determining the value of a site, so you might think that graphics don’t serve much purpose with regard to search engine optimization. However, there is a way by which you can make graphics register in Google’s radar, and that is by using ALT tags. When you use such tags, you will provide Google with information about what the particular graphic is about, whether it is an infographic, an image, or a video. This will allow yours site’s content to be catalogued properly, helping ensure a higher ranking.

Shared content can be valuable

Shared content is another way to attract the attention of Google and the other major search engines. Shared content is considered in high regard by Google, since the engine assumes that any content that is shared has some value. This in turn will increase the value of a site afar Google is concerned.
The most important lesson that you can gain from all this is that SEO is as much about generating quality content as it is about making that content available in a way that conforms to Google’s ranking criteria. By implementing these strategies, you will be in a much better position to make search engine optimization work for your website.

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