• Internet Marketing

    Internet marketing services - We offer a variety of high quality online marketing services that will effectively help you attract potential customers. Increase your ROI by drawing targeted traffic to your website and convert your visitors into actual sales.

    Internet Marketing
  • Web Design
    & Development

    Web design & web development services - With our expertise in the various aspects of Web design and development, you will have the infrastructure and tools necessary to make a mark in the online world. We employ state-of-the-art web technology to ensure that you stay ahead of the curve with a powerful web presence.

    Web Design
    & Development
  • E-Commerce

    E-commerce solutions - Our E-commerce services will help open up new opportunities for your business and enhance your professional relationships with your online customers. This is essential for maintaining your current market base and attracting new customers.

  • Social Media

    Social media marketing - We provide you with a superb range of social media services that can boost your online marketing and promotional campaigns. These services offer a low-cost, yet highly-effective way to reach out to your target audience.

    Social Media

Quality services. Innovative solutions. Experience. This is what Infatex offers, whether for Internet marketing, website design or web development. Infatex focuses on e-commerce solutions, online reputation management, and social media services in order to develop a powerful online presence and create lasting relationships for your business. We are interested in creating continuing relations with our clients and in providing great results as well. We promise to grant our clients access to the most effective cutting-edge solutions. Whether you want to increase online sales, brand awareness or create online business targeting particular audience, Infatex will provide you with techniques for a successful conclusion of your endeavors. Our team of skilled professionals, with extensive experience and expertise in the industry, brings you integrated business solutions that are essential for online campaign, no matter how big or small your company is, and what industry you specialize in.

  • We were highly impressed by the Infatex team. We dealt with several companies in the past who pretended they understood our requirements, but only Infatex really came through and showed us that they know their stuff! We highly recommend Infatex if you want to boost the Internet visibility of your brand.

    Lara Celeste

    Avocado Commission

  • I am one happy client! I worked with several ad agencies in the past but I did not get the results I wanted. With Infatex, all my Internet Marketing needs were met, and I never had to look for another agency even after 1 year of working with them. I highly recommend Infatex!

    Michael Davidson

    Pride Foundation

  • Having a solid online presence for our brand is very important for us, so we chose to work with a company who can back their claims with results. We made the right choice with Infatex, because they over-delivered and greatly helped us to successfully achieve the goals we set for our website.

    Jason Bawden

    Kapalua Resort

  • Infatex has one of the most affordable web design and Internet marketing services you can find, and because of the diverse services they offer, I was able to choose the one that best fit the needs of my business. I am happy and satisfied with the services they rendered, especially with the results they delivered through their Internet marketing campaigns.

    Tommy Jacobson

    Office Chairs Outlet

  • I've known this company for quite some time and I have delegated different projects to them over the years. Their team is widely experienced and knowledgeable about a variety of things regarding Internet Marketing. They are updated and keep themselves abreast of what’s new in the online marketing industry, which makes them very competitive.

    Melissa Burns

    Hilo Hattie

  • Infatex has greatly helped me push my business forward, cut costs and gain new clients. This company provides excellent solutions for businessmen and professionals who are always busy like me. Infatex is also very flexible and always ready to answer any of my inquiries. I recommend this company!

    Katie Lee

    Make Me Chic

  • We are very glad to have hired Infatex to give us the solutions we needed for our online marketing. Our website traffic increased by a whopping 350%. They started promoting our business through local keywords first, then in just 4 months our websites achieved the Top 3 Google search results for broader keyword searches. Simply amazing!

    Steve Hammers

    Hammers Construction

  • I was looking for an Internet marketing service provider who can deliver e-commerce solutions for my business. A friend recommended Infatex and I’m happy I listened to him. My project was completed promptly, and everyone loves the design!

    Jessica Ogden

    Shoe Metro

  • Our business is focused on cosmetics. Before we hired Infatex, our conversion and traffic rates were really abysmal. I’m glad we chose them because their services are more than excellent. Our website was redesigned and they implemented the latest Internet marketing strategies. The results are very impressive and there is a huge difference from our numbers in the past.

    Susan Rogers

    Make My Yours

  • Infatex is very professional and they take care of their clients with a lot of respect. In terms of results, my statistical reports show an increase in traffic on a monthly basis. I believe that I am in good hands, and I will never be shy to recommend Infatex to all of my friends.

    Arina Kobzeva

    Gesso Star

5 reasons to work with us


    With an established record of successful campaigns, Infatex is an experienced leader in the industry.


    Stay ahead of the curve with the latest innovations in web development, marketing or anything in between.



    Automation provides you access to the very best range of high quality services. Affordable. Timely. Efficient.



    Infatex manages campaigns of virtually any size and coverage with speed, quality and effectiveness.

  • COST


    Infatex is capable of providing cost-effective yet powerful business solutions for various applications.

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Internet Marketing Services Help Business Increase Online Sales


Professional Website Design


It takes mere seconds for users to form an opinion about a website. A well-designed homepage increases appeal, interest, and the chance that the visitor will spend more time on your website. A poorly devised site, however will lead to fewer leads and conversions. Investing in a well thought-out design at the outset of your website design project decreases the probability of needing a site renovation in the near future. An expertly built website also means efficient navigation for visitors, helping to enhance user experience and generate more interest for your services or products. Little things like the color of the links on a page or the location of widgets and advertisements can significantly affect how people view your website. Infatex is happy to offer you the services of experienced web designers. Their skill and professionalism will be an undeniable asset, ensuring a top quality website and a superior online image.


Custom Website Development


Website development refers to all the processes involved in creating a working website, from concept to finished product. A serious website owner puts great thought into web development strategies to help maximize ease of use and portray a professional image. A custom website is a website that is designed specifically for you and your organization or company, without using a cookie cutter template. It allows you to create webpages tailored for your products or services with your target market in mind. Whether you are building a website to increase awareness of your company, generate more sales leads, or simply creating an informational site for your hobbies, we are confident that with our tried and true web development techniques you will have an advantage over your competition.


E-Commerce Solutions: Online Stores


Online shopping is growing dramatically year over year as consumers are becoming more comfortable with buying online rather than visiting a physical store. This trend cannot be ignored by any business organization. An online store or e-commerce website is attractive because of its convenience to the customer, as well as the multiple benefits to the business owner. An online store allows you to sell what you want, when you want, and to a wider customer-base located practically anywhere in the world. For any business, an e-commerce website is an economical way to boost sales. At Infatex, we will optimize your online business with comprehensive e-commerce solutions that have been proven effective time and again. Whether you are building a new business or wanting to increase conversions and sales in an already established business let Infatex be your trusted e-commerce partner.


Social Media Marketing: Viral Marketing


A viral phenomenon is something that is able to spread rapidly while influencing other objects or patterns in its path. This is basically what viral marketing is all about – to spread information quickly, to a large audience through social networks and social websites. When you launch a new website, product or service, it is important that you get the word out. Viral marketing gets this done as fast and as effectively as possible, utilizing sites like Twitter, Digg and Reddit as well as the numerous microblogging sites on the Internet. Viral marketing is one of the best options you have for getting your business or brand known to your target market. It can be difficult to predict the outcome of a viral marketing campaign, but Infatex uses the best practices and tools to exponentially increase your chances of success.


Search Engine Optimization: SEO


SEO is a broad term which encompasses a number of things. One aspect is the process of improving or promoting a website so as to move it up in search engine results pages. This is the primary reason SEO is important. People the visit your site primarily come from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, using keywords to find your products or services. Investing in SEO services will ensure that your website gets more visibility and more traffic. Investing in good SEO can increase your returns better than many kinds of online marketing strategies. Keep in mind that Search Engine Optimization is not limited to increasing rankings in search engines. An important part is making sure your content and website is optimized to help visitors find you easily when they are looking for the products or services that your company or organization offers. Infatex has talented SEO specialists and writers who can offer you the benefits of their experience, whether you are creating a new website or wanting to optimize your old webpages.


Online Reputation Management: ORM


Whether or not you do business online, your reputation can be the linchpin of your success or the straw that drives your business into the ground. Consider these scenarios: A potential business partner will want to learn more about you before choosing to work with you or a future employee might want to know the company culture before joining. With so few restrictions on content uploaded to the Internet, a Google search could turn up anything from drunken pictures to the name of your grandmother’s dog, or negative reviews about your company. More than a few businesses have been dissolved because of information found on the Internet. At Infatex, we understand that this is why online reputation management is vital to your business. Opportunities open up if you take the time to maintain a positive reputation. We offer ways to manage your online image as well as techniques for long-term maintenance that give effective results. Working with Infatex puts you in control of your personal or business reputation on the internet so you can focus on growing your business.


Pay Per Click Advertising Management: PPC


If you have ever seen the advertisements that appear with search engine results, you have seen examples of pay per click advertising. Basically, search engines or websites carry your ads and every time your ads are clicked and visitor lands on your website, you pay for that click. PPC ads are one of the fastest ways to get traffic to your website. There are different forms of PPC advertising and different programs that are offered by different PPC ad providers. With PPC ads, it’s possible to choose where in the search results to place your ads, and with premium spots you can increase sales and traffic to your site. Running PPC campaigns requires a high level of knowledge of PPC advertising as well as a great deal of time, both of which will take you away from your actual business. We offer professional PPC management services to help your business compete on the internet by increasing leads and conversions.


Unnatural Backlink Removal Service


Unnatural links and spam links are some of the most damaging things for a website. In the quest to achieve a favorable results page ranking on Google, it is tempting to fall into the trap of hosting such links. Unfortunately, these practices can backfire on you and actually cause Google to penalize your site, causing your ranking to slip even further. When this happens, your best bet is to rely on an expert link removal service. We at Infatex take pride in our wide range of link removal services. Our team of experts will help you throughout every step of the process of cleaning up your website’s backlink profile so that it passes the criteria of Google and all the other major search engines. If you have been wondering how to clean up your link profile in the most efficient and effective way possible, our link removal service is exactly what you need.


Web Copywriting: SEO Copywriting


Effective copywriting is one major factor in the success of a website. Once an individual sees your landing page, your content will determine whether he or she would explore the site or leave. Furthermore, search engines will “grade” your website based on the amount and quality of content on your website. The more interesting or inspiring your copy is, the longer the visitor will stay and the more likely the user will purchase a product or service. Copywriting for a website is inextricably linked with web design and SEO. All three should have a consistent message because they work together to get your customer or client interested in what you have to offer. Infatex offers our expertise in helping you create amazing copy for your website or content for your SEO campaigns. We have been in the industry long enough to know which SEO copywriting strategies work!

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