Web Design & Development

A high-performing, professional-looking website amplifies appeal and can boost sales for a product or service. The feel of the site sends a powerful signal to consumers. We offer a full range of top-level website design and development services.

Web Design & Development Services

Every marketer needs to put serious thought into a well-planned web strategy in order to get the most out of a website. Of course, a good majority of this involves design and good design requires expertise. Well-executed website design and development effort grabs your visitor’s attention, engages their interest, and keeps them coming back. Infatex provides that professional touch to your website design.

  • Website Usability

    Wondering what this means and why it is important for you? When talking about web usability, two words come to mind: ease and simplicity. Making sure the people visiting your website can easily navigate the options is of the highest importance when designing a website. Keeping your website simple, functional, yet professional takes skill and expertise. When a web site offers too many options or confusing menu and page structures, it loses usability and practicality and ultimately the client becomes frustrated. Infatex can address usability issues with your website design and will help you build a website structure that makes sense and increases user engagement.

  • Flash Design

    Want to make your website really stand out? There are a lot of possibilities with Flash in terms of playing presentations, animations, videos and interactive devices. Flash can take a boring website and breathe life into your website by displaying moving images and graphics for an added touch of class and sophistication. When used properly, Flash can enhance user experience. Let Infatex incorporate Flash into your website design for a website that really stands out!

  • Mobile Web Design

    Smart phones and tablet computers are among the powerful hand-held devices have been introduced in the last several years. Mobile computing is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years, outpacing growth in desktop/laptop use. The mobile web delivers your content beyond the desktop or laptop. Today there are over three billion mobile devices world-wide that are web-capable and that number is growing rapidly as more people catch on to the efficiency and practicality of web computing. It simply cannot be ignored. Infatex can make your content viewable just as easily on a tablet, smartphone or other mobile device as on a desktop computer.

  • E-Commerce Solutions

    The highly competitive world of online shopping requires Internet businesses to continue to grow, develop and be the best that they can be. If you want an online retail store that works, Infatex has shopping cart solutions that will help you make your e-commerce store look professional and presentable. We know that high quality, customized e-commerce solutions are vital to promoting your brand and your company.

  • Content Management Systems

    A content management system gives you the ability to directly publish, create, and modify the content on your web pages without ever having to learn HTML or other programming languages. Because of the easy to use interface, the system allows fast updates, easy access webpage editing tools, and a simple way of tracking changes to your content and website. Using these powerful systems helps you run an efficient website, saving time and energy for other business related activities.

  • Mobile App Development

    Many website owners use mobile applications to advertise or increase reputation and build brand awareness. Creating a mobile app requires a certain degree of skill and expertise. Infatex has the skill and expertise to build a professional mobile application that will help build your brand and make it easier for your customers to user your product or service. Beyond building the app, you need to plan your marketing initiatives wisely as a single app can spread your name and business to thousands of potential customers and clients.

Our Clients

We were highly impressed by the Infatex team. We dealt with several companies in the past who pretended they understood our requirements, but only Infatex really came through and showed us that they know their stuff! We highly recommend Infatex if you want to boost the Internet visibility of your brand.

Lara Celeste

Avocado Commission

I am one happy client! I worked with several ad agencies in the past but I did not get the results I wanted. With Infatex, all my Internet Marketing needs were met, and I never had to look for another agency even after 1 year of working with them. I highly recommend Infatex!

Michael Davidson

Pride Foundation

Having a solid online presence for our brand is very important for us, so we chose to work with a company who can back their claims with results. We made the right choice with Infatex, because they over-delivered and greatly helped us to successfully achieve the goals we set for our website.

Jason Bawden

Kapalua Resort

Infatex has one of the most affordable web design and Internet marketing services you can find, and because of the diverse services they offer, I was able to choose the one that best fit the needs of my business. I am happy and satisfied with the services they rendered, especially with the results they delivered through their Internet marketing campaigns.

Tommy Jacobson

Office Chairs Outlet

I’ve known this company for quite some time and I have delegated different projects to them over the years. Their team is widely experienced and knowledgeable about a variety of things regarding Internet Marketing. They are updated and keep themselves abreast of what’s new in the online marketing industry, which makes them very competitive.

Melissa Burns

Hilo Hattie

Infatex has greatly helped me push my business forward, cut costs and gain new clients. This company provides excellent solutions for businessmen and professionals who are always busy like me. Infatex is also very flexible and always ready to answer any of my inquiries. I recommend this company!

Katie Lee

Make Me Chic

We are very glad to have hired Infatex to give us the solutions we needed for our online marketing. Our website traffic increased by a whopping 350%. They started promoting our business through local keywords first, then in just 4 months our websites achieved the Top 3 Google search results for broader keyword searches. Simply amazing!

Steve Hammers

Hammers Construction

I was looking for an Internet marketing service provider who can deliver e-commerce solutions for my business. A friend recommended Infatex and I’m happy I listened to him. My project was completed promptly, and everyone loves the design!

Jessica Ogden

Shoe Metro

Our business is focused on cosmetics. Before we hired Infatex, our conversion and traffic rates were really abysmal. I’m glad we chose them because their services are more than excellent. Our website was redesigned and they implemented the latest Internet marketing strategies. The results are very impressive and there is a huge difference from our numbers in the past.

Susan Rogers

Make My Yours

Infatex is very professional and they take care of their clients with a lot of respect. In terms of results, my statistical reports show an increase in traffic on a monthly basis. I believe that I am in good hands, and I will never be shy to recommend Infatex to all of my friends.

Arina Kobzeva

Gesso Star

Mikhail Tuknov
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