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Busted: Top Myths about SEO

SEO Myths

In Search engine optimization alliances, we always have the latest potboiler or the lingo. It can completely spin your head round and round trying to keep updated with whatever that is being recognized as the latest and super-duper magical method to make the website a hit online.

In my personal opinion, I belong to the family of skepticism when it comes to new things, only until I see a solid confirmation that the idea has some particular meaning and depth to it. It is not very surprising to know that a lot of all this that we come across is absolute junk.
However, everyone is free to state his or her opinions regardless of it being factual or not. This is just like how we all are free to judge, interpret and point out at utter tomfoolery. I would usually not be so harsh on others but sometimes it is very challenging to stop myself from doing so. I believe that there is no point in confronting someone who is anyway doing a very hunky-dory job out of it.
Still, I can identify such fallacies.
This is myth busting with equal raving about how they are even going around and people believe in them! I somehow become much rhetoric after seeing the myths repeatedly.
So let us look at the dumbest and craziest statements I have come across on search engines this entire year. Of course, some have been around for more than just this year. That is what makes them so awful. Such myths even refuse to die, just think!
Just to warn you a little before you continue reading: If you don’t think there is anything hilarious at all about this and that there is possible no problem at all with it then perhaps you should not read ahead and leave it to other who will get better sense of it.
Also, these things have been talked about hundreds and thousands of times and yet there is no ending to it. Imagine how clingy these things are that they are still being discussed on forums, conferences and where not! I sincerely wonder how much time more we will wait until they finally would be termed extinct.
1. Meta descriptions
Myth: A well-written Meta description will get higher rankings for you page in search engine results.
Fact: Meta descriptions can only assist in the click-through rates and nothing else! Meta descriptions have absolutely nothing to do with Google page rankings. Surprised? You should be!
2. Keyword density
Myth: Google identified an ‘X’ number of keyword density to be qualified as optimum.
Fact: Nope, it’s not true! Hard to believe, right? Yes, these rumors have been passed around by people who sell anything to make online money. When it comes down to how many number of keywords your content has, the readability is the only limiting metric that really matters!
3. Sitemap.xml
Myth: If you don’t submit a sitemap to Google, your website will never be amongst the highest rankings.
Fact: Yet another fiction! A sitemap has nothing, read again: NOTHING to do with Google search engine rankings. To add to this rubbish, another myth goes like; your website will not be indexed if you do not submit the sitemap to Google. So basically, what is sitemap.xml really does is, it assists you in discovery. For example, if you are no able to find pages in your navigation menu and also do not have inbound links.
4. Social media
Myth: Social media is the new search engine optimization technique
Fact: I still can’t believe what I wrote there. Social media is just a channel! A medium through which there are many avenues for SEO campaigns. Let’s learn it one more time, social media is not the same as SEO!
5. Penalty
Myth: If your site drops positions, you will be penalized.
Fact: To begin with, people who call themselves SEO practitioners and web developers should learn and understand the meaning to penalty. You’ll see people complaining about being penalized all the time, everywhere! When actually, what might have happened is it could have been hit by some other hindrance.
I am sure that there are a lot of people reading this who are reading everything that they can to be able to rank their site at the top in the search engine rankings. There is already enough misguidance been give to so many people out there by the ‘so called SEO practitioners’. I think we don’t need any more preaching on that subject.
Wouldn’t it be better if we try to use the right words, include appropriate content and really take efforts to build a better website to our credit? We would be so much more proud of ourselves. And then you can do all this on your own without taking any misguidance for the so called experts out there.
Many people completely trust, rather blindly trust what is written online, they think it is all true. My question is, Why to mislead them?
Also making absolute solid statements is wrong, it misguides and it should be stopped in the name of selling services. If we are not capable of providing the right information to people and lead them the right direction then a least we should stop pushing into doing the wrong things. (Things that will lead to nothing but disappointment)
Sometimes we know what we are writing or talking, we know it correctly but you never know if the person on the receiving end also correctly understands the information you provide.
A little help:
I have not been in the SEO field for a very long time but I have experienced it enough to understand it well now. These are the usual phases a person goes through when learning about SEO online:
• So much confusion: Who is right? Whom do I rely on?
• Ambiguity: Is the fact is really a fact?
• Bummer! I don’t know where I am going with this.
• Frustration: Everybody here is an idiot!
• Support: It’s not that bad as much as it look likes.
There are still many out there who still talk garbage about SEO and rankings. But, overall it is getting better.

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