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Creating Complete Shareable, Linkable and Search Engine Preferred Content

There is no denying the fact that good content is extremely important for SEO purposes. In recent times, this importance associated with good content has further increased for online marketing as the search engines today focus on the quality of the content largely. Considering this fact, the online marketers are now taking serious steps to create content that is unique and can build a genuine readership. This will imply creating content share-worthy and link-worthy, which the various search engine algorithms will accept.

With the increase in importance for good content, there are many online marketers and content developers who are on a constant lookout for the attributes that make their content “good”. Here are some basic approaches that will help you easily create content, which will be considered to be good content for online marketing. These approaches can be graphical presentation, focusing on the latest trends, ability to go viral online, etc. In fact, there are as many approaches to this as there is the number of online content developers.

Feeling vs. Thinking – What is Right for Content Creation

In most cases, the various ways to create good content are logical. This means that these ways are all deep rooted in our minds. These could include studying the analytics for the content hat has been popular in the past, looking for topics that have been trending in order to take advantage of the popularity of these topics or even look through the social networking sites to understand what has been shared and what topics have been popular.

In order to experiment with this logical approach to content creation, let us try to turn the entire concept and consider about good content from a feeling perspective. In other words, it is to create good content that is share-worthy and link-worthy and which leaves a certain feeling with the readers. This feeling needs to be that of completeness which means that the readers must feel that they have received the information they have been looking for and feel content and satisfied with what they have read. This feeling is perhaps the most important aspect that the readers will consider. This is true. Even if you read something that is written in perfect language with no grammatical errors but still does not give complete information, it is still vague.

As a content developer, this aspect of writing content depending upon the feeling it leaves with the readers is extremely important. That’s because, if you leave your reader making him feel complete and satisfied about the post you had written, they will want to be back to read more from you. Also, if the readers like the information you had provided, they will possibly share it or link it or even add your blog to their RSS feed which will further increase your content’s share-ability. This will make the search engines to recognize your content and help your website’s ranking.

What Is Complete Content?

If you agree with what you have just read about the content leaving a feeling of completeness with the reader, you probably want to know how to define this completeness aspect in a piece of content. However, the fact that you strive to create complete content will help you develop content that is streamlined to a certain extent and this will possibly help you build some readership.

Complete Content Implies Giving Reasons for Major Issues (Objections)

At a very advanced level, the ‘complete’ content is often believed to be that which completes or concludes the though, argument or issue that you had raised in your post. Hence, it means that you should not choose to write on a subject that you are not sure of to conclude.

An example of my blog post that I had created for on how to make employees happy – The Secret to Creating Happy and Productive Employees.

An example of the brief summary of the first part of the content so that you understand the issues that I had raised and how I ‘completed’ them:

Quite some time ago, a friend had started a software development firm. He sat down in a discussion with his first 3 employees he had hired and asked about the things they want at their workplace that would make them happy with their jobs. After each of them stated their requests, he immediately gave them a positive response. He went as far as buying the game for computer that one of the employees had wanted for break times to relax and unwind.

When thinking about the behavior of my friend, I could drive myself to conclude that:

• Every person has a different source of happiness

• It is important to start a working relationship by making employees feel happy and content.

When I had first written this post, I wanted to conclude it right here. I felt that I had made the point clear from where I had started out. The post was on how to build productive employees who are happy and the above points seemed to answer the question. However, when I re-read the post I became a little skeptical on how the readers will take it. While there could have been many readers who would buy my conclusion, there could be many others whose immediate reaction to reading this post would be – “Okay. But If I keep satisfying the people with what they always want and never stand over their requests, there is a good possibility that I won’t get their optimum productivity.”

This above objection could possibly let the reader have an unsatisfied or incomplete feeling about my post. In order to address to this abjection that the readers might have, I added another final paragraph on who should identify the employee requests which are feasible and which should be considered for satisfaction. There might be unreasonable requests that you will have to politely decline.

Just Short of Reaching Completeness

With most content creators, the problem is that they are usually just short of reaching the ‘complete’ content. We have a well-thought out idea in mind, we write the best content that perfectly expresses the situation and are also able to address to a few issues raised in the content.

However, we often just fall short of making our content truly complete. This will leave the readers with a feeling of dissatisfaction. This usually happens because the writer does not consider the reader’s perspectives.

In order to deal with this, it is important to check the content that you have written one more time before you hit that ‘Submit’ button to be sure that you are not leaving out any issue that the reader might raise after reading your content.

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